• 30 Apr 2024 6:58 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    When you picture a construction site or a workshop, what comes to mind? For many, it's a scene dominated by men in hard hats or overalls, wielding tools and machinery. However, the reality is changing rapidly. Women are increasingly breaking barriers and making their mark in traditionally male-dominated fields, including the fencing industry.

    Historically, women have been underrepresented in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, fencing, and electrical work. However, this trend is shifting as more and more women are pursuing careers in these areas. One reason for this change is the growing recognition of the value of diversity in the workplace. Companies are realizing that having a diverse workforce leads to innovation, improved problem-solving, and better overall performance.

    Moreover, as views in society progress, so do perceptions of gender roles. Women are no longer confined to certain professions based on outdated stereotypes. Instead, they are encouraged to explore their interests and pursue careers that align with their passions, regardless of traditional gender norms.

    One of the most significant factors driving women into the trades is the increasing demand for skilled workers. As the Baby Boomer generation retires, there is a growing need to fill skilled trade positions. This presents a unique opportunity for women to enter fields where they have historically been underrepresented and carve out successful and fulfilling careers.

    However, despite progress, women in the trades still face challenges. There may be barriers to entry, such as limited access to training programs or apprenticeships. Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort from industry stakeholders, including employers, educators, and policymakers, to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in the industries.

    Fortunately, there are organizations and initiatives, like Women of FWA, dedicated to supporting women in these fields. These include mentorship programs, and networking groups, that provide resources, guidance, and a sense of community for women in the fence industry. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, these initiatives are helping to break down barriers and empower women to thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries.

    The presence of women in the trades is not only a sign of progress but also a testament to the resilience, skill, and determination of women everywhere. As more women enter these fields and succeed, they pave the way for future generations of women to follow in their footsteps. By challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries, women in fencing are not just building structures—they're also building a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

  • 22 Mar 2024 10:38 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    Hello, fence enthusiasts! It’s exciting to delve into the world of wrought iron fences and gates. No other material quite replicates the charm, elegance, and timeless appeal of iron. They immediately add a level of sophistication to any home or business while offering top-notch security. Isn't that amazing? (#IronFenceLove)

    The strength of iron is what makes this material an ideal choice for fences and gates (#SecureHome). It is tough and can withstand harsh weather conditions, accidents, and even attempts at break-ins. Added bonus - it requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials. Just a simple cleaning, painting, or a rust-proof treatment will keep it in fine shape for years (#LowMaintenance).

    Iron fences and gates offer a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes (#DesignFlexibility). They can be customized to match your aesthetic preferences and to blend seamlessly with your property's architecture. From intricate patterns and emblems to more minimalist styles, the possibilities are endless! (#CustomDesigns)

    Of course, we cannot forget about the value addition they bring to properties (#PropertyValue). An iron fence and gate often increase the resale value of a property because potential buyers perceive them as long-lasting, durable, and high in quality.

    Are you already imagining iron fences and gates adorning your property? To explore more about designs and trends, make sure to visit and prepare to get inspired!

    Also, we’re super excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Fence Show & Security Expo 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada (#FenceShow2024). We invite everyone to join us and get firsthand exposure to the latest innovations in the world of fences and gates.

    There’s always something new coming up in the realm of iron fences and gates. Stay tuned, stay excited, and remember, your safety and aesthetic preferences are our utmost priority. (#IronGateInnovation #FenceSpecialistLove)

    Looking forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas and, until then, keep exploring your passion for fences.

    #EverythingFences #IronFencesAndGates #FencesAndGatesExpert #FenceShow2024 #SecureHome #DesignFlexibility #CustomDesigns #LowMaintenance #PropertyValue #IronFenceLove #IronGateInnovation #FenceSpecialistLove

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    1. Verbal & Non-Veral Behavioral Styles                                                                  Face-to-face sales allow you to engage in and observe verbal and non-verbal cues that aren't communicated through technology. 

    2. Develop Transparency & Trust                                                                        Face-to-face sales affords your business and potential customer the opportunity to develop transparency through trust in way that is not always possible when compared to other forms of communication.

    3. Judge Integrity, Competencies & Skills                                                            Face-to-face sales allows your business to evaluate and judge the integrity, competencies, and skills (e.g. verbal skills) of your team.

    4. Develop Strong Social Relationships                                                                Face-to-face sales allows your team to develop strong social relationships. In an environment where they can stand toe-to-toe and shake hands on a deal, that behavior facilitates social bonding and increases your stature with potential customers.

    5. Develop A Sense of Belonging to the Organization                                            Face-to-face sales helps your team develop a clear understanding of how they themselves 'belong' to the organization in which they work, how they fit in and their relative status among other team members. This speaks not only to interactions with customers that help build your brand (allowing your team to feel a sense of "ownership" in your organization), but also to the shared group experience of your staff working together in your community. 

  • 1 Mar 2024 7:42 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    Women of FWA is an inclusive, judgment-free group. It's for everyone: women owners, spouses, administrators, support staff, adjunct companies, and installers. The idea behind WFWA was to create a group of women that could genuinely generate support and training in our language. Women speak and learn differently than men. We were, in some cases, being left behind. Balancing work, children, and life is drastically different for women than it is for men. I think that is what is beautiful, and ok. It is ok to be different in a male dominated industry.

    Initially, we approached Vernoica Richardson with the idea that we wanted her to help us create a path for women in our industry to have a platform. A voice to become mentors, the access to distribute their knowledge, and more than that a place to sit at the table. We do not believe that these did not exist before, however there is power in numbers. When we work together, we get more done. When there are many of us, we don’t have to yell as loud. We is greater than me. Veronica knew we needed to do something different and because of her we did.

    From there we started having weekly meetings because we were not organized or prepared for what would come next. So, we created a leadership team. This team is based on participation. It is constantly growing. Our goal is to have a group so strong; you don’t know who is on the leadership team. Currently the team consists of: Baylee Bierman of Corridor Fencing, Heather King of Mr. Fence, Jen Adams of Fence Cloud, Julie Schulze of Fence Cloud, Melanie Goodwin of Campanella Fence, Veronica Richardson of SWI Fence, Yadira Frederiksen of Las Vegas Fence, and Susan K. Worley of the Fence Workers Association. We also have two more in training that are actively participating in meetings, trainings, and interviews. Makayla and Andria Patterson of High Pointe Companies. With many more women reaching out regularly to help, support, and with the goal to be on the leadership team.

    Our next hurtle was to create a name. I now understand why there are so many social media posts discussing company names and logos. We did not realize that it would be as hard as it was. Your name is a definition of what you do and love. The logo you choose creates branding. Ashley Roth of Stain and Seal came to the rescue. She said that we are a reflection of the Fence Workers Association. FWA represents fencers. We are for fencers, by fencers. She said to keep it simple, Women of FWA. That reminder has helped us to grow by leaps and bounds, and her dedication to the industry will never be forgotten.

    Since the inception, many women business owners have joined our coalition. They helped us to recognize that we all have a lot to say. Some of the projects we have going are weekly live Q&A’s. It’s set up podcast style, but we want to include the audience we are speaking to. Women volunteer their time and knowledge to help make this possible. We go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn every Tuesday at 5:30 central time. The conversations consist of anything from pricing per foot vs pricing per job, to working moms, to couples who work together. Sometimes these conversations are not what people are looking for, and other times they are a huge success. We are ok with failing. Failure is our opportunity to get better. We have learned so much since we have started. This year one of our goals was to put out training videos. It has been a hard start of the year for everyone, and we haven’t gotten any out. We have even discussed how hard it has been. We are not alone. However, this is an

    opportunity to recognize that we have a lot to learn, and sometimes we can not do everything. Letting others see and know that makes us stronger.

    We offer a variety of benefits with this group. We wanted to make sure people had an arsenal of phone numbers and connections. I would have to say this is our biggest benefit. We also offer all the member benefits of FWA. FWA Health Insurance, Lowes Pro Account, ADI discounts, Boot Barn Discounts, access, Fence University Discounts, and soon to be added FWA Pooled 401k. We are bringing access to life changing benefits that did not exist for small companies. Even our website offers some perks. You’re able to see upcoming Live Q&A’s and you get access to a variety of forms. The “Laura Letter,” Project Manager Checklists, and many more.

    Upcoming events for us outside of our weekly lives, is The Fence Show and Security Expo in Las Vegas. The event is September 10-13th. Women of FWA will have an active role at this show. We will be running our own booth, our own events, and help with registration and questions. We will actively be directing the paths to demo days, the show floor, and all events leading up to and around the show.

    To sum all of this up, Women of FWA is just a platform. It’s a safe place to sit, it’s a voice to be heard. We want to make sure that knowledge is not lost and is passed on. We want to make sure that women no longer have to follow their husbands around, but that they have a purpose in their business. We want to make sure the industry sees how many women owned businesses there are. We want to make sure people know who we are. We are Women of FWA.

  • 31 Jan 2024 9:30 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    Women of FWA– Crafting Excellence

    Welcome to the world of Women of FWA, leaders in the fence & gate industry. As a team, we have extensively prioritized quality, creativity, and high-end education and networking since our inception. Our group was meticulously designed, ensuring an aesthetic appeal that harmonizes with the industry while maintaining functionality and lasting purpose. Our team is always evolving, keeping up with the trends and demands of individuals.

    We are thrilled to announce that Women of FWA will be exhibiting at the renowned Fence Show & Security Expo taking place on September 11-13, 2024. With an impressive booth set up, we are eager to showcase our innovative and upscale designs, latest products, and share our expertise with a wider audience.

    Mark your calendars for an immersive experience into our world of fencing. 

    Don’t miss this chance to witness our true craftsmanship and dedication to our industry.

    Be sure to register at to attend the Fence Show & Security Expo. We're looking forward to meeting you there!

  • 29 Nov 2023 10:07 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    Another major selling point for vinyl fences and gates is their durability. Unlike wood, vinyl does not rot or get infested by pests. It can stand the test of time, weather-resistant to extreme temperatures, and is virtually maintenance-free. All you have to do to keep it looking new is to occasionally wash it down with soap and water.

  • 22 Nov 2023 2:00 PM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    Safety isn't just about preventing accidents—it's also about knowing what to do when one occurs. Make sure your meetings cover first aid basics, how to respond to different types of emergencies like fires or electrical mishaps, and when and how to engage emergency services. Also highlight the importance of having an emergency action plan and ensuring workers are familiar with it.

  • 20 Nov 2023 9:30 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    In this meeting with your team, your focus will be on the practical aspects of safety in the work zone. The crew should discuss job site hazards, like working with power tools, compromised ground conditions, and dangerous weather. The meeting will provide strategies and procedures to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

  • 17 Nov 2023 11:00 AM | Susan K. Worley (Administrator)

    This meeting will focus on understanding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines as they pertain to the fence and gate industry. Topics should include proper use of personal protective equipment, handling heavy materials, and fall protection mechanisms. The meeting would also serve as a refresher course on the company's safety policies and how to report safety concerns.

Women of FWA is a collective group dedictated to the advancement and success of everyone in the fence and gate trades.

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